Quality Policy

The right choice of company strategy is the way to succeed in an ever-evolving market, to face the threats of competition and the turbulent business environment and, above all, to perfectly meet customer expectations. Therefore, companies follow a system based on five basic pillars:

Our Five Basic Policy

Customer orientation - being close to the customer

Nowadays, it is not only sufficient to focus on cost reduction and modern technology to succeed, but it is also necessary to move the company closer to the customer and to integrate them into the company’s processes. The means to achieve this are:

  • intensive communication with the customer – organising visits or meetings with customers in the company, taking an interest in their opinions, wishes and requirements.
  • emphasizing the quality of employees, their demeanor, willingness and qualifications
  • availability of services
  • informing the customer that we are ready to help them at any time
Process approach

Processes are integrated activities that usually require the participation of several activities and also the involvement of several employees. Each process has its input, output, structure and links within the process. The main benefit of focusing on the process approach is:

  • the process approach brings a focus beyond causes leading to results, not on consequences
  • process evaluation supports the principle of prevention of deficiencies - deficiencies are detected during the process and not at the end - at the output.
  • Changes in processes can improve outputs, reduce input intensity and do not lead to short-term thinking.
Continuous improvement

To achieve prosperity, it is necessary to initiate the development and mobilization of company activities that will lead to the implementation of changes and that will produce the desired effects. The company’s goal is to create a flexible company capable of responding quickly and effectively to new customer demands and other changes in the business environment. Individual improvement activities can be divided into:

  • Maintenance, which requires stabilising a given state or process and preventing changes for the worse.
  • Improvement activities focusing on changes that lead to improvements in established process states. In particular, the basic theses are “Nothing is so perfect that it cannot be improved” and “The way to make big leaps is to make small leaps consistently and every day”.
  • Development activities leading to the search for new unconventional solutions that surpass the status quo. The consequence of this improvement is a shift in product quality, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.
Sustainable development

The company’s aim is to achieve the purpose of its existence or activities by means that are consistent with the principles of sustainable development theory. In particular, this involves the introduction of systems, products and services that are environmentally friendly – using modern technologies aimed at waste-free management, the possibility of recycling used products or the use of alternative energy sources.

Working with human resources

The human factor is the main element that influences the quality of services. We achieve a high level of quality primarily by focusing on improving the qualifications of our employees, by maximising the identification of employees with the company through appropriate motivational factors and by clearly defining each job by specifying the exact authority and responsibility for quality within the scope of the respective competencies and activities.

Our products and services are more than just a business to us, it is our passion and mission. We are here to help you realize your dreams and visions. Work with us and see for yourself our quality and expertise!